Review Review Interview

I talked to the The Review Review about putting on my editor's hat for Bat City Review. We discuss what BCR's looking for, and enneagrams, and representing the underrepresented.


Ideal Head of a Woman

A new story, "Ideal Head of a Woman," is up in issue 5 of Midnight Breakfast, accompanied by original art from Lanny Markansky. It starts like this:

The spring of her disappearance was the spring of the great wind. Not a gusty wind but a constant rush, as if all this time the world had been on a train and someone finally opened the windows. The trees filled with kites, like so many girls with gum in their hair. Clouds zoomed across the sky as if late for something.

“Where are the clouds going?” Celia asked.

“To the next part of the sky.”

“Don’t they get bored? What happens when they get to the end?”

“When they get bored, they become rain and come down to visit the dirt and the fish.”

Read the rest here.


Writers' League of Texas

Hana Sasaki has been named a fiction finalist for the Writers' League of Texas Book Awards!
The Writers' League supports Texas writers, organizes free classes and panels, and runs other cool programs like Project WISE – a program that brings writers into AISD public schools - and Texas Writes, a program that sends writers to rural libraries across the state for half day workshops. I'm thrilled to be recognized by such a fantastic organization.


Illumine Honors

I'm excited to announce that I'll be the Emerging Author honoree at the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation 2014 Illumine gala on November 7. Big congratulations to honorees Jim Magnuson (Fiction), Larry Wright (Non-Fiction), Brad and Michele Moore (Literary Patrons), and the no-doubt awesome Badgerdog young writers.


O, the Oprah Magazine + Murakami

A fairy godmother bonked me on the head with her wand, and I got to review the new Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage, for O magazine. I even got to discuss my cowboy boot collection and love of popcorn on the contributor's page! Happy happy day. (Also: don't miss Patti Smith's review of Tsukuru in the NYT, featuring art by Yuko Shimizu--who created the cover art for Hana Sasaki.)


HANA SASAKI Wins Foreword Review's Editors Prize in Fiction

Last week in Las Vegas at the 2014 ALA Conference, Foreword Reviews announced their annual IndieFab awards. I'm over the moon to report that Hana Sasaki, nominated in the short story category, was chosen among all the fiction categories for the Editor's Choice Prize in Fiction.

Check out a full list of general categories, finalists, and category winners here.


HANA SASAKI takes Independent Book Publisher's Gold Medal

Hana Sasaki has been awarded the IPBA's Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book. The awards were announced yesterday, and a full list of winners can be found here.